Expertise / price

Our experienced team will review the specifications of the application you need and will develop it for a much lower price than our competitors. This price difference can be explained by two main factors:

  • The company is located in Hong-Kong where taxes are much lower than in any other country. The development team is thus located abroad and is managed by a French expert in software development who takes in charge the communication between you and the developers.
  • Our team works with the PCSoft development platforms Windev, Webdev and Windev Mobile. These tools can be implemented much faster than the other existing development platforms. With these tools, we can create any type of application for any existing operating system (Microsoft, Linux, Java, .net, etc) as well as web applications, web services, and even mobile apps: Windows, BlackBerry, Android, Iphone or Ipad. The choice of using PCSoft tools to develop our applications reduces significantly the cost associated with training our developers (only one language to know for all the different technologies). The development is up to five times faster, the maintenance is easier, and application updates can be produced more frequently than with any other development language. Even in the case you decide to maintain and upgrade the application yourself after its initial development, the cost will be reduced for your company for the same reasons.
  • The company also offers advice for your marketing and advertising campaigns.